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Stem Outsource specialise in payroll and accounting solutions to the recruitment industry. Just some of the services we can provide include time sheet and invoice generation, back office systems and a whole host of accountancy services.

The needs of this particular sector are very individual and our services have been developed and refined over a number of years working with some of the largest and most successful companies in this arena.

Having had first-hand experience in providing financial control to a number of recruitment companies over the years we feel that this is a sector in which we perform strongly and can add considerable value.

We work with various leading software providers and have the expertise and knowledge required specific to this industry to provide you with efficient and compliant systems and procedures to help run your business smoothly and in a cost effective manner.

Stem Outsource are quite unique - not only that we provide bespoke solutions, but also in the fact that we are truly independent so can work across many platforms with market leading software providers specific to this industry.

We recognise the importance of payroll and the burden this can cause if not managed efficiently within the recruitment industry and can provide automated systems that will not only ensure you are compliant and highly efficient but also potentially add value to the business itself.

By using Stem Outsource to manage your payroll you can release precious time and resource to concentrate on other areas of the business and be confident everything is coherent, simply validate the timesheets and we do the rest !

Having the right payroll solution is vital - one client saved over £15,000 in annual administration fees alone by using Stem Outsource.
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Case Study

A relatively recent client chose Stem Outsource after a referral and initial consultation, post review-after inspecting the clients existing set up, recommendations were made and Stem Outsource were appointed to supply a full service provision including full bookkeeping and payment runs to over 150 agency workers.

Using our proven handover process , the transition was seamless and we now handle the clients complete accounting function providing a team of dedicated book keepers, payroll supervisor and senior management accountant.

Using our accounting software integrated to the clients recruitment software the system now ties all elements together reducing time, mitigating risk adding considerable value to the business and reducing costs.

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