Alex Moors – Accounts Manager

In a series of forthcoming profiles Alex Moors – Accounts Manager at Stem outsource looks back in time and how Advancements in both the industry and Technology have affected his career and plans for the future in a positive way.

Alex when did you join Stem Outsource and what influenced your decision?

   Over 4 and a half years ago, having spent the ten years or so previously in the accountancy profession , I wanted to join a larger, more progressive organisation with room to develop and embrace new methods of working.

Please tell us the good, bad, and ugly parts of the job!

   The best parts for me are variation, constant learning and client contact at many levels.

Working with different sizes of businesses in various sectors is challenging but really interesting, sounds a bit like a dating show - but I also get to meet a lot of people and the information and advice given can have a very positive effect.

What changes in your opinion during the last year or so have most affected your clients ?

   The auto enrolment legislation has been huge for our clients, completely changing their payroll needs and processes. Importantly, for our recruitment clients, changes to the legislation surrounding CIS and limited company workers have affected their working practices. And of course in the future, the unknown's surrounding the 'Brexit' vote will potentially affect all our clients.

Day to Day - hands on, or strategic work? Which do you prefer?

   My Role at Stem Outsource combines both but as the business has grown and my role developed, much more time for me now is in a managerial and supportive role not only for my client portfolio but also within the team itself.

As well as client facing duties, We also , are a growing business and I spend time working with senior partners and Directors continually developing our offering and meeting new businesses and partners.

Hobbies and interests?

   I am a keen cricketer playing for Emley Clarence C.C. love walking and open air as well as golf ( if I get time ).

My biggest passion however is my family and 2 young children so as you would expect from someone in my role – time is a valuable asset !

Finally best sporting moment personally ?

   Probably my first 50 at the age of 16, which I finished with a last ball 6. There haven't been too many more since.......