Auto Enrolment

How can we help?

Stem Outsource can help you become compliant or administrate existing schemes from a payroll point of view.

For those businesses that have not already done so , we can offer the following services on your behalf:

Access the workforce

Auto enrol employees

Supply information to the pension provider and employees

Process the pension deductions and opt outs

Report back as necessary

Asses continually prior to payroll processing

How can we help?

In addition Stem Outsource will communicate with employees, new starters and any becoming eligible throughout the year.

You can nominate us as a second contact with the pension regulator for peace of mind.

Stem Outsource can provide you with a list of independent financial advisors that we regularly work with to assist you with choosing a scheme or alternatively you can deal with certain pension providers direct or via an IFA of your choice.

Auto enrolment is a legal obligation for most businesses employing staff and Stem Outsource can help you become auto enrolment compliant if you have not already done so.

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